Thursday, March 25, 2010

Naming the boy, Blue Balls

I should be meeting a new sub next week, someday. I think I will call him Blue Balls. It's kind of a pretty name, makes me think of bluebell flowers, and other things that can be blue.

Sometimes being a Domme is like being a fem sub. We are both spoiled, just in different ways, more like different directions. I tell BB all kinds of fun things I'd enjoy doing when we chat on Gmail's Chat feature. I know he is hard up and I love it when he types about it into the chat. Knowing he is hard just makes me build up the scenario, come up with more naughty ways to torment him. Most of it makes me laugh, even while it makes me want him here to suck on my breasts, knead them and suck them while I tell him all the other ideas I have to torment him. Writing the ideas into chat with him is a lot of fun. It stirs me to yet more creative impulses.

I don't know how the reality will go. The chat is simple, text to text. It is never that simple face to face. Or, if we get past face to face, everything is more complicated when the intimacy increases for body to body. I do want the romance and the courtship. I've had little of either from past men I married or dated. To give credit, my ex husband was the most romantic. We had begun as friends over a long period of time. We are still friends now, it's a relationship that is still healing I think. But, I'm glad it is healing. We had too much that was good to let it become like some dreadful disease.

The new sub and I should meet next week, a first meeting so I am both hoping for good things and yet cautious from past less than great experiences with men I have met from online sources. I think I will call him BB, just to make him blush. After all, BB can be other things, like Boob Boy. I will know it is Blue Balls, he can be allowed to think it is Boob Boy, or something else. Let him think I'm not really evil. I know that I can be, but not right away. True evilness takes some warming up. Yet, it will be worth the trip. At least for one of us.

Be honest, what is the point of a man having an orgasm really? Once he does all the real fun is over. Shouldn't all boys wait until their orgasm will at least amuse their Domme? That's how it seems to me. Poor BB. I don't know if he really does know that the fantasy is fun while it is a fantasy. But the reality is going to be quite different. No wonder male subs have to sign contracts. It is a good idea to have something on paper that the Domme can bring out to remind him that all of this is what he signed up for. How wicked to make him sign it before he experiences the reality.

This clip from the Cosmo post about Blue Balls just has to be repeated:
In case you were wondering, it's called blue balls because the blood that's been in the scrotum for a while loses oxygen and can give the appearance of a bluish tinge -- although it sounds like something guys came up with to express just how sad they are that they can't come!

Help for blue balls from Scarleteen and Suite101.

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