Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Early Morning Nightie Conversation

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Monday May 19, 2003

It's 4:36 am, I don't feel sexy. alluring or all that much like flirting. But, here I am. Alone with my computer and the chirpring birds outside. All I can think about the birds is that the worm population is in big trouble. I didn't think even birds got up this early.

Anyway, to answer the unasked questions. I'm wearing a blue nightie. It's soft and cottony. There is a drawstring neckline. The ribbon slips untied and my cleavage is revealed. I tested it out myself, I wanted to know if I could make the top low enough to expose myself. It seemed important at the time. Some day I won't be the only one appreciating my cleavage.

That's all I'm wearing. No socks, no bra, no panties. Just one short nightie over my skin.

Last night I wore an older nightie, it's leftover from the honeymoon of my marriage. The nightie is long, satiny and slinky. I can fold it up and hold the whole thing in my fist. Though it's long there is almost nothing to the top. It's cut low, so low I can never keep my breasts inside, safe from popping out. The front reveals me all the way down to my belly button. The rest of it is just straps to keep the nightie from falling to the floor. It's pretty, pink, but not something you would want to wear around small children.

It's 4:47 am, the birds are still chirpy outside my window. But, it's time for me to get to bed. I'm so glad I can sleep in tomorrow. It's so nice to stay in bed, warm and cosy, alone with my imagination and my fingers.

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