Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Men's Crossdressing Underwear

I have some understanding for crossdressing, limited. It doesn't interest me. If I want to wear pants, I wear them. Not be masculine but because I want to wear pants. I don't desire or have a fetish to be something other than a woman. So, that part I don't understand. However, I know are those who want to be crossdressers for the sake of being feminine/ masculine/ something other, like furries. Why not include them? It's a culture involving dressing in costume and playing a part.

How far does it go? For some it gets a bit creepy, in my opinion. But, it also gets expensive, the farther you take it. I found crossdresser underwear which includes balls, on Amazon today. I'm not sure how they are meant to work, or look.

To be honest, the only interest a crossdressing man would have for me would be humililation and tormenting him. This would work far better if he embarrassed easily, even better if he blushes, and otherwise reacts submissively. At the time. I don't have the patience for a full time sissy type. Not just the micro managing but the lack of maturity would wear thin. Also, the femininity. I'm not one of those women who enjoys cosmetics, shopping and other stereotypical female things.

Anyway, here are the underwear, posted for your edification. A better word than amusement.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Curating Content and Blogging in the Future

This blog continued on... Divorce Darling.

October, 6, 2017 - Update - Decided to close Divorce Darling and move the content here. I don't know if this will be an active site. I'm not that interested in writing the topic as it ends up being about others more than writing for myself. 

Unfortunately, I can't find anything to migrate posts and images (content) from WordPress into Blogger. There is a site which everyone passes around but it does not seem to work. Instead it opens spam links when you try to use it. If you click a second time to upload your file, it then spits out a "converted" file. But, this converted file is going nowhere when I try to import it into Blogger. So, after hours of giving it a chance to work, I am ruling it a spam trap. 

In the end, you can only import your CMS into the same CMS again. Conversions seldom work between CMS's. b2evolution I did have some success with but I just let my domain go so there isn't a domain to host it on now. The adult site never made a cent to support keeping the domain for it. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tempting Tuesday

I moved my blog to Divorce Darling awhile ago.

Now I decided to write a weekly writing prompt for adult writers, erotica writers and sex bloggers.  It happens to be Tuesday today so let's call it Tempting Tuesday. This post is just an announcement. See more on Divorce Darling each week, on Tuesday.

The first writing prompt will be...

There's a fly in the room. Not just on the wall, like a spectator, but actually buzzing around and making a pest of itself. Write an erotic scene, including an annoying fly. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moved to Divorce Darling Now

Wondering what I'm posting lately...? You won't find it here.

I'm posting on Divorce Darling now.

Today I posted about a lace blindfold and fetish Barbie dolls.

Click the link to the new blog and change your links/ bookmarks/ blogrolls if you have linked to me. Thank you.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

This Blog Has Moved

This blog has moved to a domain of it's own. I got tired of Blogger telling me I can't login to my own account. Still ironing out some bugs (possibly in a literal way) but the posts are up and I won't be coming back here to update this one again.

Blogger is Annoying

I have turned off word verification sevearl times but no matter how many times I save the setting as 'off' it comes right back on again when I go back to check. I may move this blog over to WordPress.com today. I really do HATE word verification and don't expect anyone else to use it when I don't want to be stuck with it either.

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